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How could I put down a description of myself here, black and white, without embellishment or understatement? How objective is a profile? Should not they be friends (do not I have) or family, but do you know one? Or has one ever revealed oneself to one's heart and if so, it was understood. Who can see you? I think none of this is possible. If I were to assign myself an animal, I would probably be an icy butterfly with a sting of black. Carrying on the snowy wind of my destiny, I'm looking for nothing more, only suppose. As a human, looking at the window, watching the falling rain on the gray roofs, listening to the uniform murmuring sounds of a city, letting the day pass uselessly.


Elisabeth Schmitt (1990) is a Munich-based painter who deals with intimate and universally applicable motifs and themes in an abstract painting-style - acrylic on canvas. The colors and shapes of her images allows the viewer the freedom to find himself in the mood of the image. Her first exhibitions took place in her studio in Munich's city Centre, where she was invited to regular exhibition -like meetings to stimulate a discourse about art with artists, creativity and collectors. At a Charity auction by the Munich-based group of artists Super + in 2018, two works were successfully auctioned to support regional artists through subsidies/grants. The artist's development is manifested above all in the technical perfection of her methodology, but also in her thematic examination of broader references.


Growing up between the coast of Menorca, the Alpine landscape of Austria and urban Munich, the urge to explore and experience the world emerged early on. So she traveled across all the continents, and fell madly in love with our fascinating planet. On her travels, the curious explorer collected mental snapshots that are still rooted in her deep emotions today. An important aspect are the photographs, that Anna has been able to collect over the years all over the world and now serve as a blueprint for her paintings. Her pieces are not about depicting lifelike landscape paintings.


I still see the beauty in every tag in the streets. On every wall, of every house, on every train. I am simply more interested in chrome and black bombings than in the perfect style. I have also always been more interested in tags than in classic style writing. I like it when it's hectic, when it gets dirty. is not perfect and the colour drips. In my art i mostly create pictures by letters. The most despised by society about graffiti fascinates me. Hardly any ottonormal citizen finds tags on a house wall beautiful, so it has to be putted in a new contect. Letters can create pictures, in our mind as well as on a canvas, motorbikes, lamps … on everything.


For as long as I can remember, I've been interested in art, drawing and painting wherever and on whatever I could. At puberty and in search of oneself, the urge to art and creation developed more and more. Despite my talent, I did not take the artistic path, but became a competitive athlete in Taekwondo. Over the years as an amateur painter and a successful career as an athlete and later as an independent contractor, my inner being is increasingly called to the desire to take the brush and paint into my hands. At 35, I painted more often in my free time, but as a self-taught painter I could not express myself as the mind demands. At 36, I began full-time studies at the Berlin Academy of Painting. Now, I work non-stop in my Berlin studio while studying art every day and it makes me happy.


« Man is a mystery, and has his secrets. He is abysmal, vulnerable, yearning and in need of love, constantly searching for the meaning of life. In my work I try to find signs for all of this. » Albert Merz is an established Swiss artist whose works are held in public exhibitions throughout Europe. His work is influenced by a dynamic cast of artists including Ferdinand Hodler, Joseph Beuys and Sigmar Polke. With a calculated process, Merz focuses on representing structured objects contrasted by wild bursts of color. His paintings are interested in transforming archetypes into signs and symbols and achieving an overall sharp and intriguing aesthetic.